C216 Euroimmun 01

Automated evaluation of ANA, ANCA, CLIFT and cell-based assays

The FDA-approved EUROPattern system provides fully automated evaluation of indirect immunof luorescence tests for anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA), antineutrophil antibodies (ANCA) and now also Crithidia luciliae (CLIFT), EUROPLUS antigens and cellbased assays (e.g. anti-neuronal antibodies). The EUROPattern system consists of a fully automated microscope with slide magazine and advanced diagnostic software for rapid recording, interpretation and archiving of IFT images. Up to 500 analyses can be processed in 2.5 hours, corresponding to 18 seconds per field. Slides are correctly identified by means of matrix codes. The controlled LED in the microscope provides over 50,000 hours of constant light intensity, ensuring highly reproducible results. Positive and negative results for the substrates are clearly differentiated by the powerful software. Crithidiae evaluation is based on specific kinetoplast fluorescence rather than just dark-light classification, increasing reliability. Different ANA, anti-cytoplasmic and ANCA patterns are reliably identified, even if more than one antibody is present. Furthermore, the software provides titre designations with confidence values. Images from further substrates such as liver, kidney and stomach or the new anti-Zika assay can be automatically recorded and archived. Images and results are viewed at the PC screen, and can be checked retrospectively at the microscope if necessary. The software consolidates all results into one report per patient and also compares new findings with previous records. Different user levels provide a hierarchical review of results, thus increasing security. The software can be fully integrated into existing laboratory software (LIS) for a streamlined laboratory routine.


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