C233 Hongqi FCP 01

Automated liquid-based cytology instrument

The HQLCT-48 system is a highly automated LBC (liquid-based cytology) instrument for slide preparation and staining of cell smear before pathological analysis. Its major application lies in early cancer diagnosis, for example, screening of cervical cancer. The smear prepared by HQLCT-48 system has a clear background and dramatically reduces overlapping cells. HQLCT-48 system can process and stain up to 48 exfoliated cell samples within 45 minutes, including cervix sample, urine sample, body fluid sample and FNA sample. As a highly automated system, HQLCT-48 could dramatically free manpower in the lab or hospital. Following preprocessing work, the operator is able to walk away after placing samples on THE HQLCT-48 system. Moreover, this system is equipped  with customized built-in software. The operator can either choose the preprogrammed working modes in the software or set major parameters according to his/her habit, such as sample loading amount and staining time. 

Supplier: Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co Ltd

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