C427 Mobidiag Novodiag

Automated molecular diagnostics system for targeted and syndromic on-demand testing

Novodiag is an innovative molecular diagnostics solution for the detection of multiple or targeted pathogens in clinical samples. Combining qPCR and microarray technologies in a single-use cartridge containing all the necessary reagents, the Novodiag system allows an extremely simplified analysis process with minimal preparation time and results in approximately 1 hour. The latest addition to the tests already available includes detection of Clostridium difficile (Novodiag C.difficile), identification of bacteria responsible for gastrointestinal infections (Novodiag Bacterial GE+) and screening of more than 200 variants of most common CPE and colistin-resistance markers (Novodiag CarbaR+). Two new tests will be launched this year: one for the detection of parasites in stool with the identification of more than twenty targets (protozoa including microsporidia and helminths) and another for the diagnosis of meningitis. The complete system comprises the Novodiag instrument, touchscreen computer, barcode scanner, Novodiag software and Novodiag cartridge.


Supplier: Mobidiag Ltd

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