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Automated nucleic acid extraction

Accelerated DNA/RNA extraction using advanced magnetic technology is now possible with the Vibrance NES-32 System and DNA, RNA, and whole blood extraction kits. The Nucleic Acid Extraction System is designed to handle up to 32 samples in just 12 – 40 minutes of processing time. The magnetic particle automation process uses magnetic separation technology to directly extract pure nucleic acid. This process delivers a new calibre of high sensitivity and uniformity for enhanced productivity. Guided by the LCD touchscreen, the NES-32 offers a user friendly interface designed to edit, run, and store multiple programs. The built-in UV lamp ensures sterilization and avoids contamination. Extracted nucleic acid can be used for downstream applications such as blood screening, monitoring diseases and treatments, genetic drug therapies, and biological research. Extracted DNA/RNA can also be used for real-time PCR with the Vibrance PCR test kits.

Supplier: Acon Laboratories Inc

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