C246 DiaSys crop 01

Automated POCT analyser

InnovaStar is an automatic compact POCT analyser for the daily practice that delivers result quality comparable to laboratory analysers for HbA1c, CRP, glucose and hemoglobin directly from a single 10 μl whole blood sample. The complete measurement procedure, including a sample individual hematocrit correction, is performed automatically thus reducing any handling errors. The newly integrated 2.8” colour touch-screen further improves the ease of use of the instrument, enabling the operator to enter any information such as patient data, user identification etc. The new graphical user interface allows a more efficient access to all soft ware functions and displays on-screen instructions where required. The up-to-date soft ware uses self-explanatory icons for a nearly languageindependent operation of the instrument.

Supplier: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH

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