C349 Shimadzu

Automated pretreatment module for cell culture LC/MS analysis

The new C2MAP-2000 automated pretreatment module for cell culture media analysis is intended for pretreating culture media samples by adding reagents such as a deproteinizing agent or internal standard substance, filtering of precipitated proteins, and diluting of samples. The C2MAP system combines the C2MAP-2000 module with a Shimadzu ultra-fast liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (LC-MS/MS). By automating all the process steps from pretreatment to measurement, the C2MAP system shortens the culture media analysis time for up to 95 components in culture supernatants to one sixth of the previous level. In addition, this system can be operated by less experienced operators. After simply loading culture supernatant samples, reagents and pairs of filter and recovery vials, the C2MAP-2000 module is able to execute all steps from pretreatment to LC-MS/MS measurement without any human intervention. This seamless execution not only makes it easy to process samples unattended overnight or on non-working days, but also enables samples to be controlled using the same ID for all process steps. This minimizes the risk of selecting the wrong sample while ensuring traceability. C2MAP-TRENDS time-course viewer software loads the measurement data obtained and plots a line graph of temporal changes in each component concentration as trend graphs.

Supplier: Shimadzu Europa GmbH

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