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Automated RPR syphilis analyser

Awareness Technology, Inc. has announced FDA clearance and release of ChemWell RPR for reliable and cost-effective syphilis screening. ChemWell RPR replaces the manual labour-intensive and subjective visual rapid plasma reagin (RPR) reading with a fully automatic, 190 results-per-hour process that objectively interprets and stores photographic images. This allows laboratories to use the US CDC recommended traditional nontreponemal screening algorithm instead of the higher-cost and complicated reverse algorithm while reducing hands-on time by 92%, compared to a manual RPR test. RPR yields fewer false positives and is therapeutically useful unlike treponemal testing, The innovative system was developed in cooperation with Arlington Scientific Inc. (Salt Lake City, Utah USA) who is selling in North America and Europe under the brand name Evolution. Awareness Technology will supply the rest of the world through its distribution and technical service channels.

Supplier: Awareness Techology Inc

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