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Automated stainer

Offering significant improvements in workflow optimization, particularly when multiple protocols are used, the Gemini AS advanced automated stainer has been intelligently designed to be easier to use than ever, with a new touch screen interface and intuitive software. The instrument has an all-new touchscreen interface that is intuitive to use and makes day-to-day operation simplicity itself. A glance is all that is needed to check the batch stain progress. New LED lighting allows the operator a clear view of what is going on inside the staining area. It is also fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific range of coverslippers to match the workflow of modern high-throughput laboratories. To maximize throughput, up to 12 slide racks can be processed at the same time. The control software automatically arranges the reagent positions for greatest speed and performance. Furthermore, duplicate reagents can be assigned automatically according to QC usage values to reduce downtime to change reagents. Gemini AS has 26 different reagent stations, catering for both H&H and Papanicolaou stains without changing reagent pots. Once the racks are loaded and the protocols are selected, the intelligent software does the rest. Furthermore, the instrument has been configured for more application-specific staining requirements such as those for cytogenetics and andrology. The instrument’s dual-layer configuration makes the most use of laboratory space. Also featured is a built-in power supply for protection of valuable samples. Protocols are easy to prepare and readily modified, and the manufacturer’s recommended protocols are pre-installed. A USB port allows data to be downloaded for off-line processing and analysis.

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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