C331 BioRad Dx combo

Automated system for molecular diagnostics

The Dx Prep System and Dx Real-Time System combine high quality nucleic acid extraction (magnetic beads), PCR set up, and advanced multiplex realtime PCR. This CE-IVD automation offers a flexible batch size of up to 96 tests without tip or reagent overconsumption, a full traceability of samples and reagents and a complete process monitoring from sample to result. With their intuitive user interface, ergonomic design and minimal maintenance, the Dx Systems can easily be implemented in any laboratory. With this automation, Bio-Rad introduces the Dx CT/ NG/MG Auto Assay and the Dx HR-HPV Auto Assay, designed to offer excellent performance, full-control process and minimal hands-on time with their ready-to-use reagents. The availability of the open channel on the Dx Real-Time System further extends the range of applications.

Supplier: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

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