C302 Euroimmun crop

Automated washing device for IIFT slides

The MERGITE! device from EUROIMMUN increases the efficiency and reproducibility of indirect immunofluorescence tests (IIFT) by providing automated washing of incubated slides. In the high-throughput washing procedure, up to 50 substrate fields are washed in parallel in approximately 40 seconds (instead of 5 minutes with manual washing). The direct and controlled liquid flow provides fast, meticulous washing which is gentle on the substrates. Cross contamination is prevented by separate washing of each field. The standardized, predefined wash programmes ensure a consistent washing quality and high reproducibility. Since manual drying of slides is no longer necessary, the risk of damage to the substrates is substantially reduced. The automated washing procedure reduces wash buffer usage by up to 50% compared to manual washing and eliminates the need for beakers, cuvettes and paper towels. Specially developed carriers provide efficient and safe handling of slides during incubation, washing and covering. The device has an intuitive user interface for easy use and minimal familiarization time. Its integrated touch screen enables independent operation without connection to a PC. The compact tabletop device requires very little standing space in the laboratory. MERGITE! is part of a complete package from EUROIMMUN for fully automated processing, microscopy and evaluation of IIFT.


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