Awareness Technology releases ChemWell 2, a two-plate ELISA and chemiluminescent analyzer

Awareness Technology’s new ChemWell 2 analyzer for ELISA and chemiluminescent (CLIA) is now available.
The ChemWell 2 is a two-probe, two-plate automatic combo analyzer. For 20 years the company has produced single-plate ChemWell automatic ELISA and CLIA systems with the flexibility to run both modes simultaneously even within the same plate. With laboratories expanding serology requirements, the two-plate system is expected to be a more suitable primary instrument for lower throughput labs, and ideal for off-line assays in higher throughput settings.
ChemWell’s flexibility in both hardware and software is key to automating a wide variety of unrelated test methods. Separate probes are used for samples and reagents with an option for disposable tips. Filters range from 405 nm – 630 nm; dispense volume from 2μL to 1.95 ml; plate washing routines, temperature control, and mixing are programmable. Intuitive software offers on-board predilutions, multiple calibration options, replicates, statistics, QC tracking, barcoded sample ID and data management. Additionally, it schedules assays to prevent timing conflicts while providing optimal throughput. An optional laptop stand conserves bench space.
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