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Beckman Coulter unveils DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer with proven Six Sigma performance

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics unveiled its new DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer, an automated clinical chemistry analyzer, at Medlab Middle East in Dubai, early February. The DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer is one of several recent Beckman Coulter solutions designed to address the complete needs of healthcare systems that are looking to complement central hub laboratories by advancing the technology and capabilities of satellite and independent hospital laboratories.

“Healthcare systems around the world are strategically adopting hub-and-spoke models for better efficiency and healthcare access,” said Kathleen Orland, Senior Vice President, Business Unit, General Manager, Chemistry and Immunoassay for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. “Hub-and-spoke clinical laboratory models optimize resources to improve access to testing services and enhance overall standardization for quality testing and positive impact on inventory and cost management across a health system. The new DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer advances capabilities of spoked labs with a broad menu of high-quality assays that deliver consistent, commutable results across Beckman Coulter’s AU clinical chemistry systems positively impacting clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.”

beckman coulter DxC 500

The DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer features advanced automation technology, onboard guided workflows, and standardized reagents for use across healthcare networks. Its menu of more than 120 assays has been independently and objectively verified for high quality Six Sigma performance, supporting confidence in clinical results, reducing QC trouble shooting and lab operational costs.

“Our Six Sigma assessment has shown that the DxC 500 AU analyzer easily exceeds the demands of the new, more stringent CLIA 2024 performance specifications,” Sten Westgard, Director of Client
Services and Technology for Westgard QC, pointed out.

The DxC 500 AU Chemistry Analyzer is for in vitro diagnostic use only. Global commercial availability is planned for March 2024.

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