C337 Beckman DxH 600

Benchtop hematology analyser

Building on the company’s proven cellular analysis technology, Beckman Coulter’s new UniCel DxH 600 Coulter cellular analysis system — complete with recently FDA-cleared advanced soft ware — provides laboratories with exceptional quality results, improved first-pass accuracy and automatic rerun and reflex testing, thereby reducing overall manual review rates and processes. The hematology laboratory’s single most important step, and most time consuming, is the manual review. By reducing manual differential rates, the new analyser frees mid- to high-volume labs to focus time on quickly and accurately reporting patient results. The UniCel DxH 600 is equipped with robust soft ware that provides new features, enhancements and research-use parameters to improve laboratory efficiency, reliability and quality. The soft – ware saves time by allowing labs to partially release patient results manually or automatically via decision rules and offers users the ability to create and edit decision rules during instrument operation; pre-defined decision rules are offered using Cell Population Data (for research use only). Additional features of the soft ware include the ability to track workload by the day, hour and test, as well as providing automatic notification of STAT samples that have not been processed or released within an expected time frame, helping users to report STAT results in a timely and efficient manner.

Supplier: Beckman Coulter Eurocenter

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