C419 Shimadzu

Benchtop MALDI TDF mass spectrometer

The new MALDI-8020 complements Shimadzu’s MALDI family. The linear benchtop time-of-flight mass spectrometer serves various applications in the positive ion mode, such as analysis of proteins, peptides or polymers. It is ideal for researchers developing MALDI-based diagnostic methods, and for routine labs carrying out quality control and fast analysis of intact samples. The MALDI-8020 is fast and accurate, has a high resolution and its compact size makes it fit in any laboratory. The robust design promises reliable analysis and low maintenance. With a mass range of 1-500,000 Da, a mass resolution of more than 5,000 (for ACTH18-39, m/z 2,465), a mass accuracy of < 20 ppm after internal calibration and a sensitivity of 250 amol (Glu-Fib, m/z 1,570), the MALDI-8020 achieves the same specifications as the more advanced version, the Axima Assurance for high throughput screening.  Thanks to its small dimensions of 450 x 745 x 1,055 mm and weight of 86 kg, the new MALDI-8020 fits on any lab workbench. The oil-free diaphragm pump and a turbo pump ensure reliable and low-noise operation (< 55 dB).
Extra-fast motors drive the highspeed stage. Motor installation outside the vacuum reduces the volume to be evacuated, so pumping time after changing of sample is the fastest on the market: around 90 seconds. The 200 Hz solid-state laser allows further optimization of the analysis time. The typical Shimadzu wide-bore ion optics increase ion transmission and reduce the likelihood of contamination. If the source is nevertheless contaminated, it can be cleaned within ten minutes using the UV laser-based TrueClean. The MALDI Solutions software provides intuitive and easy operation, and includes interfaces for evaluating polymer, protein and oligonucleotide spectra. SampleStation, AuraSolution and QC Reporter offer various options for automated lab routines. During sample preparation, data can be collected with the SampleStation software. The barcode reader integrated into the mass spectrometer enables automated measurement using AuraSolution. The QC Reporter software allows specification of different criteria that can be used for automatic evaluation of the analyses. Data is stored in a Microsoft® SQL database with automatic backup. Personalized user logins can be used to document quality control, and different levels can be assigned to individual users. In this way the user is prepared for potential audits.

Supplier: Shimadzu Europa GmbH

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