Binding Site launches dedicated website for clinical specimens to support IVD manufacturers & researchers

Binding Site has announced that its Immunologicals Group has just launched a brand-new website,, which has been expressly created and designed to serve as a resource for those in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing companies and clinical/life-science research facilities in search of a high-quality source of clinical specimens. Clinical specimens from human patients are essential and frequently overlooked components within the IVD industry. Required for ensuring the validity and integrity of products prior to, and after market introduction, they are also necessary for a host of other critical clinical studies, including assay performance testing, validation studies, trouble-shooting, and for the data and documentation required for regulatory approval and clearance. Historically, both the availability and sourcing of high quality clinical specimens has been problematic, until now. Through utilization of a network of various collection sites, Binding Site is able to provide those interested organizations with human clinical specimens to meet their specific testing criteria. We can provide human patient specimens in single or multiple matrices (serum, plasma, urine, CSF, etc.), with or without patient information, and/or consent forms. All can be characterized by individual analyte, age, and gender, along with the quantitative and/or qualitative test result(s). features a broad offering of clinical specimens available, along with other vital details on additional services available within this product line offering, including quality assurance, regulatory information, and documentation.