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Biochemistry urine control

Urine analysis is an integral part of laboratory routine and constitutes a first window to assess the individual physiological and metabolic state.  All kinds of parameters have been progressively included in urine analysis, many of them present both in serum and in urine. Problems may arise when assessing the accuracy of results, because the user often only has serum matrix controls. So matrix commutability (analysis results independently from matrix type) is not guaranteed. Currently, general recommendations advocate the use of control material with identical (or similar) matrix to the one of the analysed sample whenever possible. Aware of this situation, Biosystems S.A. has developed a Multiparametric Urine Control specific for biochemistry tests (Albumin, alpha Amylase, alpha Amylase Pancreatic, Calcium, Chloride, Citrate, Creatinine, Glucose, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Protein Urine, Sodium, Urea and Uric Acid).  Values have been assigned using the recommended International Reference standards. This ensures traceability of results and comparison between laboratories. The urine control is lyophilized to guarantee maximum stability (expiration date of 24 months, 1 month at -20ºC after reconstitution) without matrix interferents. Along with this Biochemistry Urine Control, BioSystems also offers a specific Urine Contol for the analysis of metabolites (5-ALA, 5-HIIA, 17-OH, 17-KETO, VMA, Metanephrines), which completes its range for routine urine analysis in all kind of laboratories.

Supplier: BioSystems

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