C146 EKF 01

Biomarker test for early sepsis identification

The Stanbio Chemistry Procalcitonin (PCT) LiquiColor Assay enables the quantitative determination of PCT in serum samples, EDTA or lithium heparin plasma samples by latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric methodology. Procalcitonin is a marker for bacterial infection and sepsis and has been recognized as an important adjunct marker in the diagnosis of sepsis. Fast, accurate and convenient, the test provides a precise result, which correlates well with established methodology, within 10 minutes and requires just 20 µL of sample. The reagents may be used on almost any liquid-based chemistry analyser with open-channel capability. In addition, the reagent kit, calibrator and control sets are all available separately. The assay can be performed on a customer’s existing chemistry analyser with the same collection tube used for analysis of other chemistry tests.  Therefore, it will provide optimized lab workflow by eliminating the need to split a sample or have a dedicated off-line workstation. These features will provide any lab with a cost-effective solution for PCT testing.

Supplier: EKF Diagnostics

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