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Biotage launches new automated platform for plasmid DNA purification

Biotage has launched their Biotage PhyPrep, a new automated platform for plasmid DNA purification that releases laboratory staff from the tedium of repetitive, manual labour – and takes full advantage of the PhyTip columns’ dual flow chromatography technology, to yield supercoiled, endotoxin-free, transfectiongrade plasmid DNA.

With the new Biotage PhyPrep platform, the automated process purifying plasmid DNA reduces the risk of human error, and with each sample being handled in the same way, the plasmid yield and purities are more consistent. Many biopharma laboratories currently outsource plasmid purifications – those laboratories can now bring that work in-house, improving process control, project deliverability while at the same time reducing costs.

Biotage PhyPrep is the first automated solution for plasmid purification in Maxi, Mega and Giga scales. The various scales differ in the volume of cell culture to be purified, with desired yields ranging from 1 mg to 10 mg of plasmid DNA. “The launch of the Biotage PhyPrep will assist laboratories in discovering new therapies for patients, utilizing biological drug molecules such as antibodies and novel gene therapies. A perfect match with the Biotage ethos of ‘HumanKind Unlimited’ – sustainably releasing the potential of science to address the issues faced by global society, making the world healthier, greener and cleaner,” said Tomas Blomquist, CEO Biotage.