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Biotech Fluidics expands range of flowmeters for  real-time monitoring of liquid flow

Biotech Fluidics has expanded its family of non-invasive flowmeters for real-time monitoring of liquid flow. The range now includes four discrete devices optimized to operate from nano-litres per minute up to 650 millilitres per minute.

Operating over the flow range 0.01 to 80 µL per minute, with a resolution of 1nl per minute, the Biotech Micro Flow Meter provides precise monitoring of extremely low flow rates such as are encountered in UHPLC, LC/MS and micro- / nanoscale bioprocessing applications.

Designed to operate over the range 1µL to 5mL per minute, the Biotech HPLC Flow Meter comes pre-calibrated and can be connected inline to continuously measure inline flow rates of liquids from pumps serving HPLC and GPC/SEC systems as well as flow chemistry reactors.

Biotech flowmeter 1

With an extended flow rate range of up to  40 mL/min, the new Biotech Semi-Prep Flow Meter provides continuous monitoring and validation of pumps serving both straight and reverse phase preparative HPLC, flash and continuous processing systems as well as bioreactor feed pumps. Operating up to liquid flow rates of 650mL
per minute, with a resolution of 0.02 mL per minute, the new Biotech High Flow Meter is an ideal process optimization tool for monitoring preparative chromatographs used to produce larger quantities of pure compounds.

Compact in size, each Biotech Flow Meter comes with easy-to-use PC software enabling continuous recording, monitoring and storage of measured flow rate data. Operating in realtime, with current flow rate displayed on the integral OLED display, users can spot transient pulsations helping them gain a detailed understanding of the flow stability of the device they are monitoring. Biotech flowmeters are highly dependable and designed to be compatible with most solvents and liquid reagents.

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