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Biotium acquires CAT5 FFPE RNA/DNA extraction technology from Cell Data Sciences

Biotium, a supplier of cutting-edge life science reagents, has acquired Cell Data Sciences RNAstorm and DNAstorm kits for RNA/DNA extraction. Biotium, which previously distributed the Cell Data Sciences kits, will now be their sole manufacturer. The extraction kits will be offered from the Biotium website and authorized distributors.

Cell Data Sciences developed RNAstorm and DNAstorm FFPE extraction kits based on research initiated at Stanford University. The kits feature a novel CAT5 catalytic technology for enzymatic reversal of formaldehyde crosslinking in FFPE tissue samples. This revolutio-nary technology offers higher yields of amplifiable nucleic acids from formalin-fixed samples compared to leading competitors’ kits. The increased yields of higher quality RNA/DNA allow for more robust results in downstream applications such as next-gen sequencing (NGS), RT-PCR, and microarrays. 

All RNAstorm and DNAstorm kits will continue to use the Cell Data Sciences catalogue numbers with revised product names. Biotium will also continue to offer the RNAstorm RNA extraction kit for fresh cells and tissues. 

This simple spin column-based RNA extraction kit offers higher yields than leading compe-titor kits (up to 120 ug RNA) from fresh cells and tissues in as little as 20 minutes. For customers who wish to extract DNA and RNA from the same FFPE sample, Biotium will offer a combination of both the DNAstorm and RNAstorm FFPE extraction kits at a discounted price when compared to purchasing each kit separately. 

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Bio-Rad - Preparing for a Stress-free QC Audit

Biotium acquires CAT5 FFPE RNA/DNA extraction technology from Cell Data Sciences

AMSBIO has expanded its range of custom gene editing services to complement its extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf CRISPR/Cas9 products. AMSBIO CRISPR/Cas9 products are widely used by research groups worldwide in applications including gene mutation studies, epigenetic editing, cell and embryo therapies, and genomic-scale screening.

The fast turnaround of these CRISPR/Cas9 services is designed to accelerate genome editing research.

The AMSBIO custom gRNA cloning service is a cost-effective and fast tool to accelerate research. AMSBIO offer target sequence cloning into any of their wide range of CRISPR/Cas9 vectors with the options of customer-designed or AMSBIO-designed target sequences. These services also include the construction of custom donor vectors for genome editing applications including target sequence cloning into CRISPR/ Cas9 vector, donor vector construction with a predesigned cassette or a donor vector of the client’s own design.

In addition, AMSBIO offer a CRISPR editing service for cell lines and a service to design and produce custom knock-out, knock-in or point mutation CRISPR kits, which provides laboratories with everything they need for their specific genome editing research in a single simple kit.