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Biotium launches new line of primary antibody conjugates for flow cytometry

Biotium has launched Biotium Choice primary antibody conjugates. With careful curation and extensive in-house validation, Biotium Choice monoclonal primary antibodies are designed to deliver exceptional performance for flow cytometry.

Biotium Choice antibody conjugates are available in a selection of CF Dyes, Astral Leap tandem dyes, and PE. CF Dyes are Biotium’s unique fluorescent probes that offer exceptional brightness and signal-to-noise. Astral Leap tandem dyes are Biotium‘s new long Stokes shift dyes for enhanced multiplexing in flow cytometry. Featuring breakthrough chemical strategies to optimize both the Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) dye capabilities and conjugation to the fluorescent protein, Astral Leap tandem dyes provide expanded multiplexing options and exceptional signal-to-noise compared to other commercially available tandem dyes. RPE-Astral 616 and APC-Astral 813 are currently available for select Biotium Choice antibody conjugates with more tandem dyes on the way.

Biotium Choice primary antibody conjugates are available in several widely published clones against common targets including CD3e, CD4, CD8a, CD9, CD16, CD19, CD45, CD63, and CD81. Biotium intends to expand the catalogue significantly with more targets, label options, and validated applications.

Key features of Biotium Choice primary antibody conjugates:
• Widely published clones against common targets
• Developed and optimized for flow cytometry
• Available with bright CF Dyes, Astral tandem dyes, PE, and more
• New antibody clones and conjugate options on the way

The release of the Biotium Choice primary antibodies adds to Biotium’s growing catalogue of robust and validated probes for life science research.

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