C306 Mindray

Body fluid analysis with hematology instrument

Equipped with the unique SF-Cube technology (laser scatter, fluorescence plus 3D cell analysis), the BC-6800 hematology analyser provides not only the routine parameters such as WBC 5-part diff, RET and NRBC, but also brings more information such as immature granulocyte, blast, atypical lymphocyte, infected RBC (infected by plasmodium parasite), etc. With a processing throughput of 125 tests per hour, it is also suitable for laboratories with large daily sample loads. The BC-6800 now comes with a new feature, body fluid analysis. The instrument can analyse CSF, pleural, peritoneal fluid samples, as well as provide reportable data for RBC, WBC, WBC differential (polymorphonuclear & mononuclear) and a total cell count (TCBF) on these body fluid samples. Moreover, for research use only, the instrument can give additional WBC differential results for neutrophil and eosinophil. HF-BF is an additional, for research use parameter, which represents high fluorescent cells. High fluorescent cells may contain histiocytes, epithelial cells, spleen cells, exfoliated cells, etc. These cells can bring more clinical information for diagnosis.

Supplier: Mindray Co., Ltd Shenzen Mind. Bio-Med. Elec

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