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Calprotectin rapid test kit

The Calprotectin semi-quantitative rapid test kit, distributed by BioPlastic, is a medical diag-
nostic device (immunochromatographic card) for rapid and semi-quantitative detection of calcprotectin (a cytosolic protein of neutophilic cells and inflammatory biomarker in gastrointestinal diseases) in human stool samples: the particular analytical characteristics of this method allow semi-quantitative discrimination at three levels of concentration: for analyte concentrations less than 15 μg/g, for concentrations between 15 and 60 μg/g and for concentrations above 60 μg/g, thus allowing a risk assessment (minimum, low and high risk) for inflammatory bowel disease. The test is rapid (10 minutes) and shows a correlation close to 95 % when com-pared with EIA methods. The kit contains immunochemical reactive cards (immuno-chromatographic membrane and particles coated with anti-calprotectin antibodies conjugated with colloidal gold) and sample collection tubes containing the extraction buffer. Each kit contains the necessary to quickly perform 10 semi-quantitative determinations of fecal calprotectin.


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