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Capricorn Scientific and ExcellGene form strategic partnership to support biotech industries

Capricorn Scientific and ExcellGene have established a strategic partnership within the biotechnology sector. Applying their collective expertise and capabilities, the collaboration seeks to help customers by optimizing processes, developing products, and offering solutions in biotechnology. The partnership is dedicated to customeroriented solutions and a commitment to excellence, with the aim of advancing biotech research, development, and production.

Capricorn Scientific, a manufacturer of cell culture products based in Germany, specializes in producing media under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) conditions, in both liquid and powder forms. They have built a global distribution network, enabling direct access and personalized customer relationships.


ExcellGene, a Swiss biotech company, specializes in cell line development, process optimization, and increasing expression rates for CHO and HEK recombinant production. Together with their expertise in media optimization, ExcellGene brings valuable knowledge and capabilities in the cooperation. They have a long history of developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the biotech industry.

The collaboration between ExcellGene and Capricorn Scientific is characterized by a clear path of responsibilities and a mutually beneficial approach: While ExcellGene focuses on optimizing cell clones and upstream processes, Capricorn Scientific specializes in production, commercial support, and distribution of media, feeds, and related products.

Their jointly developed upstream product for CHO cells, CHOventure, is especially for fedbatch processes and more than just a product. The strategy of CHOventure is highlighted by tailored support and direct communication for each customer project. Leveraging the expertise of both companies and direct contact partners, they aim to expedite the transition from research to clinical phases.

Maria & Florian Wurm from ExcellGene and Harry Brack from Capricorn Scientific expressed their commitment to fostering tomorrow’s breakthroughs and innovations together
with their customers during the launch of the collaboration.