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Cerba research announces new collective focus on transforming research and advancing health

Belgium-based Cerba Research, a leading global clinical trial laboratory service provider owned by Cerba HealthCare, is transforming into a multi-specialist and central laboratory company, providing research organisations with even greater access to exceptional scientific and technical teams in multiple therapeutic areas for drug and vaccine development.

The company has deepened its expertise and expanded its global reach with the acquisition of Viroclinics-DDL, the global specialist in virology and immunology, and Cirion Biopharma Research, the Canada-based integrated bioanalytical and global central laboratory services provider. This gives biotech and pharma companies, CROs and NGOs the opportunity to have one partner for all their test services, with consistent access and support across all clinical trial phases.

With a worldwide network of +1000 labs, data from over 85 million patients across five continents, and the ability to sequence 1000-plus whole human genomes per week, Cerba Research is leading the way in oncology, rare disease and infectious disease research. They were a key player in three of the regulatory approved CAR-T+ Therapy drugs, instrumental in the development of approved Covid Vaccines, part of government task forces in the response to the SARS-COV 2 pandemic in the US and Europe, and part of the rapid response AAV9 antibody detection programme delivering life-saving therapy to infants with SMA.

No other provider can deliver such a range of specialist testing techniques with such flexibility at such scale. Douglas Cookson, chief marketing officer, Cerba Research, said daily motivation starts with the patient. “Behind every sample we receive is a patient’s story, someone like you or me, who needs a diagnosis or new treatment to lead a healthier life. It’s this focus which fuels our ambition and motivates our people to ally with drug developers around the world and develop the next generation of new therapies,” he said.

The Cerba Research vision is to deliver the promise of precision and predictive medicine to help people live healthier lives. With a new collective focus on transforming research and advancing healthcare together, this evolution of a central and multi-specialty central laboratory provider supports the complexities of next generation drug development.

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