test analytical AYE combo

Characterising complex polymers in challenging solvents

The AYE Combo from Testa Analytical is a unique GPC/SEC detector designed to have a high performance refractometer as an integral part of a viscometer, allowing both concentration and viscosity to be measured at exactly the same time on the very same sample segment.
As a consequence the AYE Combo Refractometer / Viscometer detector enables a much more accurate determination of molecular parameters and is particular suitable for applications focused on determining the structure and branching of complex polymers.
GPC/SEC is widely acknowledged as a primary analytical technique for characterizing polymers. The latest generation of complex high performance polymers however, add a notable degree of complication by requiring the use of “challenging” solvents such as DMSO, DMF and HFIP to dissolve them. Unfortunately, most GPC/SEC systems require frequent maintenance when operating with these solvents.
Drawing upon pressure transducers made out the most stable alloy available combined with highest grade 316T capillary tubing the AYE Combo detector is gaining rapid recognition as the GPC/SEC detector of choice for characterizing complex polymers in challenging solvents.
For further information on the AYE Combo Refractometer / Viscometer detector, visit: https://www.testa-analytical.com/gpc-sec-chromatography.html
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