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Cline collaborates with IFLAI in development of AI software for CellRACE project

Cline Scientific has initiated a collaborative project with software company IFLAI to develop custom AI-based software for the cancer diagnostic project, CellRACE.

Since earlier in 2022, researchers at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology have been collaborating with Cline in exploring whether it is possible to apply algorithms centred around deep learning AI to track and analyze tumour cell behaviour and features automatically and objectively. The initial work showed that such a method can be used effectively as a basis for an automated software solution. Now, Cline has taken the next step and outsourced the development of an AI software solution to IFLAI, a company with roots in the academic community and documented know-how in this field.

Cline and IFLAI have agreed on a first-step project to create a tailored solution to the automated analysis of data gathered in the CellRACE project to aid in CellRACE’s further development. This project will be completed in Q4 of 2022. After this, the Cline team will test the software and gather data on a range

of tumour cell types. In a following project, this data will be used to enhance the system as it can “learn” a wide range of cancer pheno-types and then ultimately be used as part of an integrated algorithm and measurement system to determine cancer metastatic potential from a patient sample.

“We are extremely proud that Cline Scientific have chosen our AI-software for its image analysis work. Cline Scientific is an ideal client for us at IFLAI: a well-established company trying to bring a groundbreaking new technology into the forefront of the industry, limited mainly by the common bottleneck of data analysis. With our AI-based tools, we can push the limits in terms of speed, accuracy, reproducibility and scalability of CellRACE analysis,” commented Prof. Mattias Goksör, CEO of IFLAI.

The analysis method forms part of the overall CellRACE project and its pathway to becoming a marketed product. Once the analytical method and prediction algorithm has been completed, the next milestone in the CellRACE development journey will consist of conducting a pilot study. Following this, continued product development and final product design will be completed before performing the necessary regulatory approval steps, such as a clinical performance evaluation.

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