C325a Biosystems FCP

Clinical chemistry analyser

The BA400 clinical chemistry and turbidimetry analyser offers excellent performance to laboratories looking towards achieving highest efficiency with optimal operative cost. It has been designed to provide high operating autonomy, through its high capacity for samples (135; 90 with direct barcode reading) and reagents (88 positions) and capability to operate up to 9 hours of continuous working without refilling/voiding the system’s reservoirs. The BA400 incorporates proprietary LED technology for the optical system, with virtually no maintenance and without optical interferences. It uses a battery of high power LED monochromatic sources with 8 working wavelengths covering the most demanding methods of routine and specific chemistry. Maintenance is simplified using distributed electronics through CAN (Controller Area Network) bus system, thus significantly optimizing performance and reducing down times; low mechanical wear dispensing pumps with ceramic piston are capable of operating up to 5 millions cycles. The analyser is also equipped with an independent powered reagents cooling system to ensure on board stability

Supplier: BioSystems

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