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Closed tube system for compact hematology analyser

The Yumizen H500 CT ‘Closed Tube’ provides enclosed, cap-piercing sample handling to meet the health and safety demands of the laboratory environment. The Yumizen H500 family provides a cost-effective hematology profile for small to mid-size laboratories and clinics. The Yumizen H500 will produce a raPid and comprehensive hematology diagnosis. It is a compact and robust hematology analyser tailored for all types of laboratories and other clinical settings demanding easy operation and reliable analysis such as routine and satellite laboratories, emergency care and physician’s offices. Based on a special 3-reagent system with low consumption, the Yumizen H500 hematology system is capable of delivering a full blood count with 27 parameters including a five-part white blood cell differential population plus immature cells on whole blood micro sampling. It is a system which is also suitable for managing pediatric samples. With minimal user training, the Yumizen H500 is simple to operate in all clinical environments and its expert flagging system delivers confidence for clinicians when validating their hematology results. The Yumizen H500 offers an equivalent level of performance to ‘top of the range’ hematology products and combines easy operability, quality and efficiency.

Supplier: HORIBA Medical

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