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Coagulation systems

Sclavo Diagnostics International now offers a complete system for coagulation named KOS. Sclavo KOS 1 is a single channel coagulation analyser, while KOS 2 is a dual channel system. They can be used with all of the company’s coagulation reagents which have the applications ready for both instruments. KOS 1 & KOS 2 support clotting, chromogenic or immunoturbidimetric assays and are easy to operate. KOS 1 uses microvolumes (75 μl total) and is a compact, light weight instrument. KOS 2 allows double determination and PT+APTT profile testing. It also features a magnetic reagent stirrer and a dual stopwatch function. The Sclavo coagulation reagents are a complete line for diagnostic screening and special tests with applications developed for automated systems.

Supplier: Sclavo Diagnostics International

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