Colourful, stretchable silicon lids securely cover open beakers and bottles

Using aluminium foil or plastic wrap to cap beakers and flasks has always been a quick fix with questionable effectiveness. In an effort to provide lids that are safe and easy to use, DWK Life Sciences, a leading manufacturer of precision labware, has developed KIMBLE® Silicon Lids that stretch and conform to beaker tops for a tight and secure seal.
Available in three sizes and three colours, KIMBLE Silicon Lids easily conform to fit on beakers, flasks, bottles and cylinders. The stretchy silicone material creates a seal on spouts, beaded tops or threaded necks on glass or plastic vessels. The lids are resistant to heat and chemicals and designed with tabs, so they are easy to put on or take off, even when wearing gloves. Dishwasher-safe and reusable, the lids are a sustainable solution for environmentally conscious labs. The lids come in bright colours for easy colour coding.
“We’ve been surprised with the popularity of these unique covers – we knew they were safe, secure and provided a better seal for different laboratory containers, but we were just as happy to see how scientists liked their appearance – they’re using the lids to improve the appearance of the labs by replacing makeshift foil caps and stoppers with bright colours,” said Rick Schwartz, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at DWK Life Sciences. “There is currently no other lab grade product available that remotely resembles our lids.”
KIMBLE Silicon Lids have stretchable diameters; small 43 to 61 mm diameter, medium 64 to 76 mm diameter, and large lids are 84 to 116 mm diameter. Colour choices include pink, green and blue. Lids easily accommodate most 50 ml beakers up to 800 ml beakers. The silicon is resistant to most chemicals and withstands heat with a usable temperature range of 40°C to 180°C. KIMBLE Silicon Lids are sold individually or in packages of 3 containing a small, medium and large sized lid in each package.
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