C407 Horiba

Compact, fully automated coagulation analyser

The Yumizen G800 compact, fully automated coagulation analyser, based on the same technology as the Yumizen G1500 & Yumizen G1550, has been specifically designed to answer the needs of mid-size laboratories.
As part of the Yumizen G automated analysers family, the Yumizen G800 shares the same software platform and uses the same reagents, offering positive tube identification during sampling for safer tube management, continuous volume control for optimal reagent management and dynamic control of the measuring curve and analytical alarms for verified results. Reagents are precalibrated and ready to use, touch screen & ergonomic software with real-time display status, automatic QC & automatic maintenance are provided as well as full quality record for traceability (reagent lots, calibration, QC, rerun, users login).
With integrated nephelometric, chromogenic and turbidimetric measuring channels, the Yumizen G800 provides 4 measuring channels with 3 wavelength combinations.
Major Yumizen G800 features include: up to 150 PT/hour (prothrombin test), delivering high throughput for routine work; up to 80 samples on board providing a high walkaway capacity; up to 18 reagent positions to allow continuous operation and an expanded test portfolio. The analyser is able to perform clotting, immunologic and chromogenic assays to meet diverse testing needs.

Supplier: HORIBA Medical

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