C237 GreineBioOne

Compartmented cell-culture plates

The OneWell Plate is a cell culture dish with a compartment that is particularly suitable for cultivating and analysing bacteria. Its automation-friendly plate format enables automated replication of bacteria colonies. The rectangular, stackable plate allows highly efficient use of incubator space. A model with a surface hydrophilized by physical treatment is available for adherent cell culture. The FourWell Plate, with four individual chambers, offers space for four slides, thereby enabling parallel experiments. Cell and tissue samples cultivated on these slides can be supplied with fresh medium quickly and easily and examined directly under a microscope. Semi-circular cavities in the base of each well facilitate the removal of slides with tweezers, and spacers prevent the slides from slipping to the edge of the well and covering these cavities. Both plates, made of transparent polystyrene, are sterile and free of detectable pyrogens, human DNA and DNases/ RNases. Their external dimensions comply with ANSI microplate standards and the plates can be used with a variety of automated systems. A bevelled edge on lid and dish ensures the lid can only be applied in one direction. The plates can also be used as multi-purpose containers for washing membranes (Southern, Northern and Western blots), for example.

Supplier: Greiner Bio-One GmbH

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