C401 77 Elektronika

Complete urine laboratory system

The new generation of the popular automated urinalysis system that combines a urine chemistry analyser and a urine sediment analyser is introduced. The LabUMat 2 is a high-throughput, automated urine chemistry analyser that is able to evaluate 10 chemical and 3 physical parameters of urine samples. The UriSed 3 PRO is an automated urine sediment analyser with a novel optical system combining bright-field and phase contrast microscopy, detecting 18 sediment particle types without the need of any liquid reagents. The efficiencies of the LabUMat 2 and the UriSed 3 PRO are maximized when these instruments are used as one walk-away system dealing with the workload of big laboratories. The automated technology improves diagnostic quality by increased reproducibility and accuracy and also improves productivity by eliminating the time-consuming procedure of manual sample preparation.

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