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Comprehensive range of hemostasis analysers

HORIBA Medical is extending its hematology portfolio into the hemostasis field. The new Yumizen G series covers the needs of a range of laboratories:
The Yumizen G100 INR, the smallest analyser in the series, is suitable for point-of-care laboratories to monitor oral anticoagulant therapy; the Yumizen G200 & Yumizen G400 are compact semi-automatic devices dedicated for small laboratories to perform coagulation screening and DDimers tests; the Yumizen G800 Automatic benchtop coagulation analyser suits laboratories with mid-size workloads, while the Yumizen G1550 fully-automated high capacity analyser meets the monitoring requirements of clinical laboratories mid- to high workloads. This comprehensive offer, combined with the complete range of HORIBA Medical Yumizen G reagents for routine and specific tests developed and optimized for the Yumizen G systems, provides a high quality and cost-effective solution that will fit any laboratory size or requirement.

Supplier: HORIBA Medical

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