axis shield ASD HbA1c components

Consolidate your HbA1c testing

The new Clinical Chemistry HbA1c assay from Axis-Shield allows you to consolidate HbA1c testing into your routine chemistry laboratory workflow. Reagents can be directly loaded to many instruments so pre-analytical operator handling time is reduced and the use of two ready-to-use liquid-stable reagents removes the need for reagent preparation or pooling. The simple assay protocol can be adapted to any chemistry analyser.
Highly accurate and precise, the NGSP-certified assay has excellent correlation with other methodologies and no significant interference from common Hb variants. Additionally, the assay utilises a specific anti-HbA1c antibody and therefore does not require a separate Hb measurement.
30-day instrument on-board reagent stability and 14-day calibration stability reduces reagent handling and instrument calibration.
Lyophilised calibrators and controls are also available.

Supplier: Axis-Shield Diagnostics

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