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Coriolis Pharma and Rhea­Vita collab to advance drug development with novel freeze-drying technology

Coriolis Pharma, a globally operating service provider and one of the world leaders in formulation research and development of bio-pharmaceutical drugs, will collaborate with RheaVita in an effort to pave the way for drug development of biologics using RheaVita’s novel single vial unit (SVU) technology for continuous and controlled freeze-drying technology, particularly to stabilize novel modalities as part of biologic drug development.

RheaVita’s patented continuous freeze-drying technology integrates all traditional freezedrying steps into a continuous production line. This enables pharmaceutical companies to achieve rapid product and process development, as well as highly flexible and efficient production cycles with 100% controlled product quality. The technology enables both high-volume centralized manufacturing and low-volume, high-value decentralized manufacturing, making it ideal for innovative biologic therapies such as gene therapy, RNA-based therapies, antibodies, vaccines, as well as precision medicine and orphan drug manufacturing.

Coriolis will offer the SVU technology along-side other technologies and methods for its client formulation development projects. Clients will benefit from Coriolis’ long-term expertise in formulation development, lyophilization and analytics for a wide range of molecule classes, which is brought to bear in the evaluation of the SVU technology.

Rheavita SVU

“RheaVita’s SVU technology is the ideal supplement for our existing methods in the field of lyophilization process development,” said Dr Michael Wiggenhorn, founder and board director at Coriolis Pharma. “Through our service model, our clients will get the chance to test and evaluate the new technology by a formulation development expert for their own drug development strategy.“

RheaVita already sells its technology (SVU and GMP-Flex equipment) and know-how in the field of continuous and controlled freeze drying to a large number of clients in the pharmaceutical industry, worldwide. Within the framework of this collaboration, RheaVita will benefit from Coriolis as a multiplier to enable the validation of the technology for different types of drug products and a wider range of applications. In the long run, the scientific exchange between the two companies will allow the technology to be extended to new molecule classes.

“Coriolis’ extensive scientific expertise with various molecule categories and their deep expertise in formulation development have convinced us, that we have found the ideal partner to expand the accessibility of our tech-
nology to a broader audience in the future,” said Dr Thomas De Beer, CEO at RheaVita.