C301 Chromsystems

Cortisol and cortisone in saliva by mass spectrometry

Chromsystems has launched the first CE-IVD assay for the quantitative determination of cortisol and cortisone in saliva by LC-MS/MS. MassChrom Cortisol, Cortisone in Saliva is a complete solution from sample to result, saving laboratories time and resources for in-house development. It represents a reliable, robust and proven CE-IVD assay that encompasses all required components for an efficient determination – from a fast sample preparation by filtration with clean-up tubes through to the analysis. Stable isotope-labelled internal standards for both parameters, 6PLUS1 Multilevel Calibrator Set and MassCheck controls ensure high precision of results. The parameters are determined directly by mass spectrometry, eliminating the risk of cross-reactivity as described for many immunoassays. Saliva sampling is easy, stress-free and non-invasive for patients.  Stress-induced adrenal stress responses are removed, making salivary sampling more reliable, in particular in stress research and pediatric applications.

Supplier: Chromsystems

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