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Coupling powers

Pioneering new fields in ultra-trace analysis, the GCMS-TQ 8050 NX triple quadrupole couples the powers of a world-leading GC and a newly designed detector. Both provide outstanding sensitivity at femtogram and even sub-femtogram levels.

Superior performance of NX technologies

e.g. new flow controller and time management for maintenance

A wide variety of optional products supports trace analysis

such as autosamplers and in lets Coupling powers

Comfortable, easy change of accessories

through the advanced, illuminated GC oven

The GCMS-TQ 8050 NX complements the Shimadzu NX family, coupling the Nexis GC-2030 with the quadrupole series TQ-8050, TQ-8040 or QP-2020. Shimadzu’s NX series provides high-end GCMS solutions for every analytical challenge.

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