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Creatinine enzymatic reagent

Serum creatinine measurement is a critical data in the glomerular filtration rate estimation (eGFR). However, traditional picrate alkaline method (Jaffé) suffers from well-known interferences from other serum components. A common approach is to compensate the measured value according to experimental data but this strategy presumes that those interferences are constant in value among samples, thus leading to inaccurate results in a clear oversimplification. Enzymatic methods, on the other hand, are more specific to creatinine measurement as they are free from those interferences, and are therefore a more suitable method for the purpose of eGFR, and as such are recommended by the scientific community. BioSystems introduces this method in its portfolio for both manual and automated systems (applications available on request). The reagent is free from interferences of lipemia, hemolysis, bilirubin or ascorbic acids and can be used with serum, plasma and urine samples.

Supplier: BioSystems

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