Pantelis Vlachos

Cytel announces East Alloy for easy access to verified Bayesian methods

Cytel Inc., an advanced analytics leader providing sophisticated quantitative insights to decision-makers in clinical investigation, has launched East Alloy. This new platform is a web-native extension of Cytel’s world-renowned East software for adaptive clinical trial design and analysis.
By leveraging the speed of cloud computing and the pace of SaaS delivery, East Alloy enables easy implementation of computationally intensive Bayesian methods that may be otherwise impractical. The launch of East Alloy builds on Cytel’s time-tested record of delivering cutting-edge Bayesian tools and engines to the pharmaceutical industry for optimized clinical trials.
Bayesian methods are of growing interest to the drug development industry, as they allow clinical investigators to leverage historical trial data as well as learnings from new data as it accrues throughout a trial. The result is better-informed decision making, greater program flexibility, and the ability to run smaller, more resource-efficient trials.
“Our longstanding dedication to adaptive Bayesian approaches means we’re perfectly placed to meet and exceed the growing innovation needs of the pharmaceutical sector,” said Pantelis Vlachos, Director and Strategic Consultant at Cytel. “But it’s key to ensure our customers can practically implement this kind of innovation. East Alloy, reinforced by industry-leading verification, training, and support from Cytel experts, means users can sustainably adopt Bayesian designs to expedite clinical development and overcome uncertainty without compromising scientific rigor.”
The release of East Alloy follows the launch of East Hosted in 2019, which brought Cytel’s East software into the cloud for the first time to simplify the deployment of software updates, reduce on-premise IT burden, and ultimately broaden access to Cytel’s trial design and analysis engines.

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