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Cytiva’s new X-platform bioreactors increase process efficiency

Cytiva’s new X-platform bioreactors increase process efficiency

Cytiva has launched X-platform bioreactors to simplify single-use upstream bioprocessing operations.

X-platform bioreactors, initially available in 50 and 200 L sizes are provided with Figurate automation solution software and can increase process efficiency through ergonomic improvements, production capability and simplified supply chain operations. The bioreactors also work with the Cytiva Bioreactor Scaler to determine the optimal target settings for scaling without trial and error.

Amanda Halford, President of Bioprocessing at Cytiva, commented: “We listen carefully to customer feedback, and for process developers we’ve seen their needs evolve over time. The launch of the X-platform is a direct result of that feedback. Use of these new bioreactors will drive speed and productivity in process development and manufacturing and really make the difference for our customers who often have a patient waiting at the end of their work.”

Xcellerex bioreactors were first developed 20 years ago and today thousands of Xcellerex bioreactors are in labs or manufacturing workflows across the world. As well as mAbs, the X-platform can be used to manufacture cell and gene therapies as well as viral vectors. The majority of mAbs approved by the FDA in 2022 use Cytiva technologies in their manufacture.

The monoclonal antibody revolution

Bioreactors are integral to the manufacture of protein-based drugs, especially monoclonal antibodies. Since the first monoclonal antibody was generated in 1975, they have changed medicine by providing a new way in which to target specific mutations and defects in protein structure and expression. There is a diverse pipeline of molecules derived from the mAb structure, including bispecific antibodies, mAbs conjugated with peptides and recombinant proteins, which are being developed to treat a wide range of conditions from cancers to immune-based disorders.

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Cytiva’s new X-platform bioreactors increase process efficiency