CytoDiff with Software Version 2

The CytoDiff CXP Autogating Software is an integral part of Beckman Coulter’s unique HematoFlow solution—combining diagnostic reagent, hematology and flow cytometry hardware and IT expertise.  The software is designed to give laboratories added confidence in the use of flow cytometry in the routine hematology lab for the auto-validation of abnormal samples. 

Beckman Coulter’s CytoDiff CXP Autogating Software features:

  • Easy-to-use, advanced Version 2 software to further improve sub-population classifications
  • Greater precision in the removal of potential interference and metrics that provide a new ‘confidence level’ on population classification
  • Simplification of the review process making it easier to validate results with greater certainty
  • Five-color antibody cocktail, using six monoclonal antibodies and CXP Autogating Software making it possible to use the precision of flow cytometry to deliver extended white blood cell (WBC) differential results with far greater consistency than manual microscopic assessment

* CytoDiff is not available for in vitro diagnostics use in the United States and other geographies

Supplier: Beckman Coulter Eurocenter

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