Dante Labs, Cambridge Cancer Genomics and Nonacus collaborate to provide precision oncology at scale

Dante Labs, a pioneer and leader in genomic testing, Cambridge Cancer Genomics (CCG.ai), a software developer specialising in data-driven precision oncology, and Nonacus, a provider of genetic testing products for precision medicine and liquid biopsy, have signed a collaboration agreement.
In a joint statement they said the partnership aims to build the most comprehensive and patient-centric tumour profiling service enabling improved cancer patient management, treatment and monitoring. By combining Dante Labs’ experience and capacity in delivering a sequencing service for both solid tumour and cell free circulating tumour DNA from liquid biopsies, Nonacus’ sensitive targeted pan-cancer NGS libraries, and CCG.ai’s industry leading AI powered software platform, OncOS, the companies will enable precision oncology at scale.
Improving outcomes for cancer patients means ensuring they have the right drug, at the right time to beat their cancer. This means understanding the molecular profile of the individual cancer and using that data to recommend treatments or clinical trials. Oncologists and clinical researchers will be able to send samples for processing to Dante Labs, who will use library preparation kits from Nonacus and software from CCG.ai to create a sample to report solution. If there are actionable mutations, the report will recommend the right treatments for those mutations, if there are novel or unactionable mutations, the software will also be able to match possible clinical trials.
Chris Sale, CEO of Nonacus, said: “Long turn-around time and lack of clinically oriented analysis are the main obstacles to fully deliver the potential of cancer genomics to patients. This partnership will provide the flexibility and accuracy that oncology professionals need to integrate cancer genomics into the care of their patients. The COVID pandemic has increased the backlog of genetic testing for cancer, potentially leaving many suspected cancers unconfirmed and treatments delayed. Dante Labs are one of the biggest clinical sequencing hub in Europe able to process large numbers of samples in high throughput. It is our hope that by combining AI software from CCG.ai and our library preparation kits, together we will be able to process samples and provide bioinformatic analysis critical to determining the best treatment path for patients.”