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Dawn Health partners with leading pharmaceutical company to transform chronic care

Dawn Health, a global leader in digital health, today announced a strategic partnership with Novartis, one of the leading medicines companies in the world, to support the development of a platform that enables the effective remote monitoring and management of patients to realize a hybrid future for chronic care and transform the experience for all stakeholders.

“We are thrilled to announce this global partnership with Novartis that aims to unlock a digital first approach towards a more personalized treatment for patients. We see a big potential in effectively leveraging our shared capabilities, building on the Dawn Health SaMD platform to support patients suffering from a range of chronic diseases”, says Daniel Daugaard, Founder & CEO at Dawn Health.

Dawn Health

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality in Europe, representing 86% of all deaths, according to the Chronic Disease Alliance1. Accordingly, the treatment and management of these chronic diseases are the leading drivers of current healthcare costs today. However, chronic care is experiencing considerable challenges due to significant capacity constraints and limited insights into patient outcomes and often dispersed care of patients across various care teams.

Novartis has selected Dawn Health as their partner and the legal manufacturer of the envisioned platform in a patient-first approach that empowers patients and their care teams to make better and faster treatment decisions aimed at improving outcomes and managing chronic diseases more proactively and efficiently. By combining a patient mobile application focused on high engagement and exceptional UX with innovative elements like symptom tracking, novel (digital) biomarkers, clinical decision support services, virtual clinic capabilities and other relevant services as they become available, the platform will be tailored very specifically to the needs and demands of each separate disease in scope.

Based on a broad portfolio of treatments by Novartis across many chronic diseases, the partnership will be taking a strategic approach to prioritize those diseases which are characterized by high levels of unmet patient needs, uncertainty about current disease state and progression and resulting cautious approaches to treatment. The aim of any solution will be to further empower patients through better tracking and identification of disease activity remotely to enable patients and their care teams to make timely and confident treatment decisions.

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