Terumo TERPR001a 15431123

Device to accelerate cell therapy manufacturing

The Finia Fill and Finish System is a first-of-its-kind device developed to help bring reproducibility and control to cell therapy manufacturing. Finia is a fully automated, modular, functionally closed system that creates the final formulation of cell and gene therapies and divides them into user-defined doses for patients. The technology automates a process that is currently manual and labour-intensive with the added risk of error. The production and delivery of cell-based therapies is a complex and logistically challenging process. Developers and manufacturers appreciate support in determining when to automate, which processes to automate and how to integrate automation into their existing process. Finia combines, mixes and divides the final product into predetermined volumes, all under controlled, refrigerated temperature. It automatically removes air before it seals the final product bags, simplifying the downstream process. Finia also works with Terumo BCT’s Cell Processing Application software in the customers’ network to facilitate compliance to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), including electronic record-keeping, control of process workflow, user credentialing and permission, and guidance of operators through the process with an intuitive user interface module (UIM).

Supplier: Terumo BCT

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