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Diagnostic antisera for bacterial identification

MAST ASSURE Bacterial Agglutinating Antisera products are a comprehensive range of polyvalent and monovalent diagnostic antisera for bacterial identification. Bacterial serotype is easily determined according to the expression of flagella (H) and somatic (O) antigens.  Mast Antisera products are used globally for antigenic analysis of clinically significant bacteria, including MAST ASSURE Salmonella Antisera for identification of the species within the genus Salmonella using the Kauffmann-White Scheme for classification. The MAST ASSURE product range features simple slide and test tube agglutination methods and easy to read results. All antisera are derived from immunized rabbits, adsorbed to remove cross agglutinins and filter sterilized. Presented in 2ml dropper bottles, the reagents are user friendly and ensure minimal laboratory wastage. An extensive range of antisera is available from stock with a large range of sera manufactured to special order.

Supplier: Mast Group Ltd

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