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DiaSys Lp(a) 21 FS


– Excellent accurate measurement in molarity of Lp(a) ( nmol/L )
– Alternative measurement in mass ( mg/ dL )
– Isoform-insensitive test with harmonized reagent and calibrators
– Liquid-stable and ready-to-use system reagent
– Standardized to international WHO-IFCC reference material SRM2B
– DiaSys Lp(a) 21 FS applicable on any clinical chemistry analyzer


Lp(a) stands out as one of the last challenges in lipid management, and this recognition is well-founded. Elevated blood Lp(a) levels are primarily due to genetic variations in the Lp(a) gene that encodes for apo(a) and cannot be lowered after age 2 by diet, exercise or current lipid-lowering therapies. It is an independent risk factor and should be measured once in all subjects at intermediate or high risk for cardiovascular disease ( CVD ) or coronary heart disease ( CHD ).

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