C406 Cellavison crop

Digital cell morphology analyser

CellaVision DC-1 is the newest addition to the CellaVision family of analysers. It has been custom-designed to meet the specific needs of smaller low-volume hematology labs – enabling them to implement the best-practice digital methodology for performing blood cell differentials that many large labs today regard as standard practice.
CellaVision DC-1 is a semi-automated single-slide analyser that, although smaller, works just like the company’s existing analysers. A single slide is loaded onto the CellaVision DC-1 for processing. During processing the slide is automatically positioned under the microscope, the monolayer is identified, cells are located, and high-quality digital images are captured. Innovative image analysis technology delivers a pre-classification of white blood cells and a pre-characterization of red blood cell morphology for review and verification by the medical technologist or pathologist on a computer screen. Structured interfaces, smart functionalities and embedded tools help speed up the review process while promoting accuracy and consistency.

Supplier: CellaVision AB

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