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Digital Science launches Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry platform

Digital Science has released a new version of its popular Dimensions platform – Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry (Dimensions L&C) – focused on life sciences and chemistry research activities.

Dimensions L&C analyses more than 120 million scientific publications, millions of patents, grants and clinical trial documents. It is both larger than other databases, and unlike traditional manually curated tools, applies up-to-the-minute semantic text analysis tools and ontologies, providing powerful up-to-date discovery functionality previously unavailable at such scale.

In the past, literature search tools required the user to know exactly what they wanted to find, narrowing down the relevant results and confirming or invalidating pre-defined hypotheses. Thanks to insights systematically captured in ontologies and computational power, researchers can get answers to complex and diverse queries directly from the source content.

Users can search for small molecules, chemical reactions and gene sequences, validate biomarkers, understand disease mechanisms and identify drug targets. They can also quickly discover relevant chemical information in broader life sciences and chemistry research areas working with a chemistry structure editor and a biosequence search for nucleotides and proteins. Different from other products, data is identified in fulltext documents on a daily basis, creating a highly comprehensive and up-to-date resource

Dimensions is used by scientists, academic institutions, funders and industry. Its database offers the most comprehensive collection oflinked data in a single platform; from grants, publications, datasets and clinical trials to patents and policy documents. Because Dimensions maps the entire research lifecycle, research can be followed from funding through output to impact. It has transformed the way research is discovered, accessed and evaluated.